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♣ Your Jamaican Home

We will do our best to make you feel at home in Jamaica, so if you want to experience the real Jamaica in a small village away from the big resorts but still close to a lot of interesting places, we will make sure you feel at home in our Bed and Breakfast close to Ocho Rios.

We offer our guests free wifi, free parking and there is AC in every room. Because we care a lot about the environment we have placed solar panels on the roof and solar water heating. Of course we can serve you breakfast, you can choose between different kinds of breakfast and we even can make you a real Jamaican breakfast.

We visited Jamaica many times and got to know a lot of Jamaicans. The Jamaican culture and the nice people we met are  the reason that we bought this house. Eltham is relaxt, no rush, no problems and from here we can visit any place in Jamaica and be back home in a day. For a romantic getaway, or just to step out of the rat-race and enjoy the beauty of Jamaica.

Why our bed and breakfast is your best choice:

  1. we invested in solar panels to provide for our own electricity and warm water.
  2. We put real windows in our house and free air-conditioning  in each room for your comfort.
  3. We buy most of our food at the farmers market to help the local farmers , and…. the quality is better than in the stores
  4. We know al the places worth visiting , not only the big tourist hotspots but the hidden gems too .
  5. Our bed and breakfast  is in Eltham , very close to a lot of places worth going to:
    The Blue Hole, White River, The old Spanish Bridge, Fantasy Cove, Mahogany Beach, Fern Gully, ans so on..

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