Ellie wrote a review:
☻☻☻☻☻ Return to Jamaica again
Jo & Rita are the most warm, welcoming and loveable couple that we have ever had the pleasure of staying with. We will most definitely be visiting Jamaica again, simply on account of our stay with them. They have made us want to return to Jamaica again and spend more time with them. They ensured we had a lovely breakfast every morning with fresh coffee and took us to some spots we could never have found without them.

Peter v d Veen wrote a review on Tripadvisor:
☻☻☻☻☻ Our stay at Ritas home away from home
“Beautiful location, inmidst nature in a small community with friendly Jamaicans. If you want to explore the real Jamaica in a safe and friendly place, this is the one to be. Clean rooms, ac, free wifi, it is all here”

Hans Lieben wrote a review on Tripadvisor:
☻☻☻☻☻ Exploring Jamaica
“If you like to explore Jamaica, this is the place to be. This dutch couple lives on this Island for many years and they are still intersted in visiting nice places. They drive you around with a smile. Every breakfast starts with a smile. We booked for several weeks and saw a lot of beatiful waterfalls, beatiful beaches, markets, plantages, etc. Rita is famous for her cooking. The B&B is located uphill with banana- and palmtrees. You must drink the local RED STRIPE beer and the famous RUM PUNCH. It rains often during the night, so everything is clean and fresh in the morning. To us , Jamaica is an unforgettable Island, the rumour that it is dangerous is noncense. we only met friendly Jamaicans.”

Goldtown wrote a review on Tripadvisor:
☻☻☻☻☻ Lovely restful experience in February 2019
“This three bed property (two available to guests) was a delightful surprise as it gave the two of us a feel of living in a comfortable home with welcoming, respectful, and generous Jamaican neighbours. The bedroom we used was very comfortable. There was access to a range of clean bed sheets towels and more. Actually we had the whole house to live in. It was like exploring Jamaican home. The home owners (absent) Jo and Rita insists we lived as it were our own home. This property came with alot of home comforts like a TV with many TV channels. Internet, new kettle, ironing board plus iron, air conditioning units in bedroom and living room. Mobile fan. Mosquito Zapper.
Access to a home programmable computer (not used by us). The kitchen is fully functional. The garden had my favourite tea called fever grass. In the garden were Lime tree, soursop tree, leaf life, Aloe Vera, Tuna plant. There is ample gated parking space at front of house. We were very greatful to have this experience. This is a very peaceful and relaxing area. The bathroom had constant hot running water. There is also a washing machine and a long washing cloths drying line The only home comfort item that we did miss some evenings was a large sofa chair to relax in whilst watching the TV. Having a hired car might be a useful idea here as it is a little way from Ochi town centre (15mins drive). There are a few small local food shops near by. Many beautiful beeches. We enjoyed our stay and look forward to going back on our return trip.”

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