Tours and excursions

Just a few ideas what to see around Ocho Rios

We also offer tours to every place on the Island, not only the big tourist attractions but also the hidden gems only known to Jamaicans, for a fair price.

Bamboo raft

Jump aboard a bamboo raft and glide down the pretty White river. Go solo, with a special friend or with the family. Your trusty rafts-man will guide you on a 45-minute tour. This reputable company has been around for years. A rafting expedition for two includes a stopover for a refreshing swim and drinks. Or go tubing on the river, it’s fun for the whole family especially on a hot day. Two guides will be with you all the way down the river.

Turtle River Falls and Gardens

The Turtle River Falls and Gardens is a 15-acre tropical garden conveniently located in the resort town of Ocho Rios. On the property, the Turtle River pours into 14 cascading waterfalls. Several varieties of indigenous and endangered plants grow naturally in the gardens. Exotic birds are housed in a walk-in-aviary and a beautiful Japanese Koi Pond helps to complete this tropical hideaway.

Tropical wilderness

Join hands to form a chain as you climb the falls with experienced guides or climb the falls on your own if you feel adventurous. Besides this, you could take a stroll in the lush environs and learn more about the tropical wilderness, or head over to the Craft Park to browse through the diverse souvenir collections. There is easy access to different points and decks offering great views and beach lovers will love the warm beach sands that lie just a step away.

The Blue Hole

The “Blue Hole” affectionately referred as the “Secret Falls” basks in the hills of Jamaica, these magnificent underground Caverns affords patrons to cliff dive and wade in it’s therapeutic Waters witch plunges in depth beyond 20ft.(Persons should be able to swim), your tour guides will guide you accordingly to ensure that you have a unforgettable experience.Colonel Castro

Colonel Castro

Drive through Fern Gully to the top, make a stop with Colonel Castro and learn from the Rastafarians all about spices and fruits of Jamaica.

Swimming with dolphins

You can snorkel or just stroll through the rainforest to view the birds. Or you can touch, encounter or swim with the dolphins. These activities are designed to bring the visitors in contact with the dolphins. The newest attraction is the Shark Program. We will be glad to make the necessary arrangements for your visit.

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